Can I receive notifications for all issues?

In general, Sifter is very judicious about sending email notifications to help keep the signal to noise ratio under control. Sifter will generally only send you a notification if you're directly involved in an issue or if someone mentions you in the comments for an issue.

That said, you can connect your Sifter account to Zapier in order to route notifications of any new issues to email and other places. For instance, we push notifications to our team Slack account any time someone creates a new issue. This way, everyone keeps abreast of the activity without cluttering their email inbox.

You can send notifications to team email lists, chat rooms, or even SMS. You can also use Zapier's filters to send notifications for specific types of issues. For instance, you may want to receive an SMS if there are ever any new issues in the "Security" category for your project.

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