There's a charge on our credit card by Braintree. Is that Sifter?

Braintree is our payment provider, and while most charges will eventually show as "Sifter" once they've been settled, some credit card companies do not properly update the provider name for the charges.

If you have a charge on your card for the amount of your Sifter plan ($29, $49, $99, or $149), and it looks like it's from Braintree, it's possible that it's us. However, due to the way Braintree's payment processing works, it could also be any other service that handles payments through Braintree. 

If you're unsure, we've found the best way to get to the bottom of who's behind a certain charge is to search your past emails for the dollar amount. More often than not, this will turn up the invoice/receipt of the company who made the charge so that you can contact them to verify.

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