Can I have a trial extension?

Sure! If that's you just email us and we'll set you up with some more time.


Can I put my account on hold?

Not currently. This is something that we're considering, but we don't have any immediate plans to offer holds.


Can we pre-pay more than a month at a time?

We only accept credit cards set up on a monthly payment cycle. We cannot accept pre-payments at this time. We are considering offering yearly pre-payment via credit card. If this is something that you'd be interested in, just drop us a line.


Can we pay with PayPal?

Sorry, but we don't accept PayPal. In order to keep things simple and focused on improving the product, we only accept credit cards at this time.


Do you offer education or non-profit discounts?

We don't offer any discounts. We believe strongly in ensuring all of our customers can be confident they're receiving the same pricing as everyone else without having to look for coupons or ask for a discount.


There's a charge on our credit card by Braintree. Is that Sifter?

Braintree is our payment provider, and while most charges will eventually show as "Sifter" once they've been settled, some credit card companies do not properly update the provider name for the charges.

Due to the way Braintree's payment processing works, it could also be any other service that handles payments through Braintree.

If you're unsure, we've found the best way to get to the bottom of who's behind a certain charge is to search your past emails for the dollar amount. More often than not, this will turn up the invoice/receipt of the company who made the charge so that you can contact them to verify.


Do you offer plans for accounts with more than 150 projects?

Of course. If you'll need a plan that supports more than 150 projects, just let us know, and we can set you up on one of our custom enterprise plans.


Does Sifter offer localized versions of the interface?

We're sorry, but we Sifter is currently only available in English. We don't have any plans to support localization or other languages at this time.

Just so this article is easier to find when searching, Sifter is not available in any other languages like French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, or Portuguese.