For all roles...

Anybody can export a list of up to 500 issues as a CSV which can be opened by most spreadsheet applications. This, however, isn't designed to be a full export because CSV isn't a great format for hierarchical data. It doesn't include comments or attachments. The link for downloading a CSV is at the bottom right of the issue listing page just below the filter options.

Important: CSV exports are limited to 500 issues and by design do not include comments or attachments due to performance reasons. CSV is also a poor format for handling hierarchical data like comments and attachments. If you need comments, attachments, or more than 500 issues, you'll need to use one of our other options below.

For administrators and account holders...

Administrators and account holders can export all data for a single project as XML. Just go to "Project Settings" and then "Export Project Data".

Finally, account holders can generate a complete XML export of an entire account. Just go to "Account" and then "Account Data Export".

We also offer a developer API for you to programmatically access any data from your account.