For security reasons we can't transfer account just based on an email request. Otherwise, anyone could email us and claim that they should be the account holder. So we have a simple process to help you get the account into the right hands.

Transferring the account holder role

Assuming that you're the administrator, login, and you'll see an "Account" link at the top of the screen.

Go there, and then go to the "Plan & Billing" tab in the header and then to the "Account Holder" option in the navigation menu. From there, just follow the instructions to transfer the account.

If the current account holder leaves the company...

The ideal way to transfer an account is to speak with your IT department, and have them temporarily forward the person's old email address to yours. Once you do that, you can reset their password and login under their user account.

Once you do, you can go to "Account", then choose the "Plan & Billing" tab and then "Account Holder" in. From there you can transfer the account to yourself or another team member.