Absolutely! Internal Only comments are a way for primary organization users to add internal or private only comments on Sifter issues. 

These comments will only be seen by users in the primary organization.

Internal-Only Comments give your team a way to communicate privately so you can efficiently manage issues and collaborate on solutions.

This feature lends itself well to those who need to add internal/private only comments to issues that may be reported by clients, internal customers, or other teams, without the client's visibility.

The Internal Only feature checkbox will only ever show for primary organization users.

Internal Only comments are indicated in a yellow hue in the issue's comments section and notification emails.

Internal Only comments that are responded to via email will only be visible to primary organization users with access to that issue.

If both primary organization and client users are mentioned in an internal-only comment, follow the issue or comment on an issue, Sifter will update the We'll Notify footer to show the users that will be notified of the Internal-Only Comment.

Mentions to users not in the primary organization will not display in the suggested user mention list.

To maintain the integrity and privacy of Internal Only comments, historical Internal Only comments posted to an issue cannot be unchecked and made public.